Welcome to the camp, I guess you all know why your here…

This is the Moleb campaign that you’ve heard next to nothing about. However, if you have not read the Main Page, do so now.

Moleb is part of a continent which is a peninsula and land surrounded by mountains, a sea, and an ocean.

The Cubican Sea borders the southwest and the Montburn Mountains border the west. The north has the Atlina Mountains and more importantly, the Atlina Kingdom. To the east lies the Atlannah Ocean.

Little is known of the Atlina Kingdom except their armies are feared and more numerous than all of the people in Moleb.

There is one city in Moleb, Valdinville, but good people are fleeing the city while those who want little in life other than security flock to it.

North of Valdinville is a large swamp, the Moleb Swamp created by the Black River and the Black Seeker river. At the north end of the swamp at the beginning of the Black River is a new town being formed, Awcon.

In the central and southern part of the Peninsula, there are hundreds of tribes of Morlocks. The Moleb Swamp also contains a mist which turns normal beings into Mist Beings.

The wild lands are patrolled by the armies of the Atlina Kingdom but they view everyone not being part of an army as a brigand. This is not without reason as the wild lands are filled with bandits, brigands, and creatures loathsome to humans; specifically the Grobbems.


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