Drilleen is the dauther of local mage of low reputation.


ABILITY SCORES: Str 10+0, Con 10+0, Dex 16+3, Int 18+4, Wis 13+1, Cha 9-1.

AC: 14 Fort: 11 Reflex: 15 Will: 14 HP: 20 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 5

TRAINED SKILLS: Dungeoneering 6, Arcana 9, Insight 6, Nature 6, History 9.

FEATS: 1: Alchemist 1: Action Surge 1: Improved Initiative +4

POWERS (Attack: Wand +4vsRef, Melee +3vsAC, Range +6vsAC):

Free-EN: Wand of Accuracy

Free-EN: Action Point

S-EN: Second Wind

1-M-AW: Light

1-M-AW: Mage Hand

1-S-AW: Prestidigition

1-S-AW: Ghost Sound

1-S-AW: Cloud of Daggers (R1/10)

1-S-AW: Thunderwave (C3)

1-S-AW: Magic Missle (R20)

1-S-EN: Burning Hands (C5)

1-S-DY: Sleep (R2/20)

1-S-DY: Flaming Sphere (R10)

ITEMS CARRIED: Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit, Tent, Oil (1 pint), Alchemical reagents (60).

ITEMS EQUIPED: Cloth Armor, Wand, Dagger

ALCHEMY: Anitvenom, Clearwater Solution, Alchemist’s Frost


Drilleen has the unhealthy look of someone who does not get much to eat and spends a lot of time in doors, but her eyes betray a strong wit with a dangerous edge. She is the daughter of a local wizard of low reputation. He knows a few trick and he is a likeable fellow, but he mostly earns a living entertaining at children parties and serving as clean up crew when the party is over. Drilleen seems to have a lot more talent than her father but they kept it a secret to not scare the town. Drilleen is a big girl now and has dreams of being a fearce archmage, so it off to explore the world…


Moleb Dumoc