Kind-hearted hero-for-hire


Lawful Good Warlock, Fey Pact

Initiative: +4 Insight: +5 Perception: +0


  • Str 09
  • Con 13
  • Dex 10
  • Int 12
  • Wis 10
  • Cha 20.


  • AC: 13
  • Fort: 12
  • Reflex: 13 Will: 17


  • HP: 29
  • Surges: 7
  • Surge Value: 6


  • History +7
  • Insight +6
  • Streetwise +11
  • Bluff +11
  • Intimidate +11


Improved Misty Step, Improved Initiative, Sacrifice to Caiphon



  • Eldrict Blast
    • Standard Charisma Basic Attack
    • Range: 10
    • +5 vs Reflex
    • Dmg: 1d10+5
  • Eyebite
    • Standard Charisma Range Attack
    • Range: 10
    • +5 vs. Will
    • Dmg 1d6+5 psychic and invisibility against target
  • Spiteful Glamor
    • Standard Charisma Range Attack
    • Range: 10
    • +5 vs. Will
    • Dmg 1d8+5 psychic(1d12+5 if target at max HP)


  • Dreadful Word
    • Standard Charisma Range Attack
    • Range: 5
    • +5 vs Will
    • Dmg:2d8+5 Psychic and target gets Will-1 until end of your next turn


  • Crown of Stars
    • Standard Charisma Range Attack
    • Range: 10
    • +5 vs Reflex
    • Dmg: 2d12+5 and if it is bloodied is blinded until end of your next turn


Leather Armor, Adventurer’s Kit

Combat Tactics:

Vale stays away from close combat constantly. Preferring, instead, to act as a mid-close range sniper. His use of Fey “Sidestepping” in battle gives the impression of him being everywhere at once.


Vale has only recently become a name to be spoken by the lower classes. Making his way strongly into the social scene, Vale always seemed to find good people in need of some dirty work to be taken care of. His personality is generally outgoing an social, though he has an almost aggressive distaste for poor manners.

Some of his more impressive accomplishments have spread by word of mouth including:
  1. Single-handedly taking on an ignorant mob trying to lynch a young Altanian child
  2. Rescuing a princess from a castle her prince couldn’t find
  3. Retrieving heirlooms for various nobles across the countryside
    • Sometimes with force

He wears layers with many pockets and pouches, rather than a pack or satchel. Vale keeps his hair short and his beard trimmed as well as wears glasses. He stands just under 5’10” and seems rather stout and bulky.


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