Unaligned Male Fighter, Age: 23, Height: 6’2”, Weight: 220lb, Size: Medium, Languages: Common, Dwarven

Initiative: +2, Movement: 5, Passive Insight: 11, Passive Perception: 11

Defences: Armor Class: 19, Fortitude: 18, Reflex: 13, Willpower: 13

Hit Points: Max: 42, Bloodied: 21, Surge Value: 10, Surges/Day: 12

Trained Skills: Athletics: +10, Endurance: +9, Intimidate: +7, Streetwise: +7

Ability Scores: Str 18(+5), Con 16(+4), Dex 12(+2), Int 8(+0), Wis 10(+1), Cha 12(+1)

Feats: Human Perseverance (+1 to saves), Weapon Focus Axe (+1 damage), Toughness (+5 HP)

Class Features: Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Fighter Weapon Talent (+1 Attack One Handed)


At Will Exploits

Melee Basic Attack: Battleaxe 2h: +9 vs AC Hit: 1d10+7

Charge: Move 2 to 5 squares – Battleaxe 2h: +10 vs AC Hit: 1d10+7

Cleave: Battleaxe-2h: +9 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10+7 / +2nd enemy Takes 4 damage

Reaping Strike: Battleaxe-2h: +9 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10+7 / Miss: 4

Brash Strike: Battleaxe-2h: +11 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10+10 / Grants Combat Adv to Target

Ranged Basic Attack: Hand Axe: +8 vs. AC, Hit: 1d6+5 (range 5/10)

Encounter Exploits

Passing Attack: Battleaxe-2h: +9 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10+7 + Shift & 2nd Attack versus 2nd opponent: Battleaxe-2h: +11 vs. AC, Hit: 1d10+7

Daily Exploits

Villain’s Menace: Battleaxe-2h: +9 vs. AC, Hit: 2d10+7 & +2 to attack +4 to damage against target until end of encounter Miss: +1 to attack and +2 to damage against target until end of encounter

Boundless Endurance: Effect: You gain regeneration 2 + your Constitution modifier (+3) when you are bloodied.


Battleaxe +1 (Crystal)

Scale Armor of Cheracc Retribution +1 The ancient Cheracc civilization fought the Atlina Kingdom to a standstill but were too weakened from the battles and loss of land to make a new life for themselves when faced with other humans and morlocks. This metal armor has been polished white has the bright blue symbol of a Hawk swooping down.

1 daily power – Mage Retribution silence – magic item daily – once creature – ranged 10 Special – auto hit if sworn to the red eagle of the Atlina Kingdom Attack is strength versus AC 1d6+3 Psychic damage and silenced until end of your next turn on target.

Combat Strategy

Against an obvious threat he’ll close the distance until he can charge. His preference after his charge is ‘Cleave’ against multiple opponents falling back on ‘Reaping Strike’ if up against a single foe. He’ll throw handaxes at those attacking from range but wouldn’t throw an axe at a fleeing foe unless the plan specifically called for that.

Passing strike will be used at the first opportunity that it helps him get into a better position against the biggest of the attackers, if he thinks the leader is especially tough he’ll follow up passing strike with ‘Villain’s Menace’.

He’ll mark every target that he swings at and generally keep swinging at the same target till they fall before moving on unless someone calls out for assistance.

He’ll follow directions in combat from the other party members generally without considering the consequences unless they are very obviously suicidal or seem immoral.



He is extremely well muscled but stands slightly stooped over, his huge hands that are badly scarred with old burns usually hanging limply at his side. Plain flattish face with a large burn on the left side of his chin, large dull brown eyes stare unblinking out from the fringe of a mop of unkempt dirty brown hair.

He wears scale mail over simple plain brown garb and carries a large battleaxe and pair of hand axes tied to his belt. All the weapons and armour are well cared for and spotlessly clean.

He wears a thick heavily patched woollen clock and a large bulging and poorly packed backpack, there is also a pouch and waterskin hanging on his belt.


Harad was apprenticed to an elderly Dwarven blacksmith at five years of age and doesn’t remember anything of his true parents except that which his master told him, that they were travellers and after depositing him in his care went separate ways.

His Dwarven master attempted to teach him the way of the blacksmith but he never really caught on even though he worked for and lived with the old Dwarf for over fifteen years.

When his master passed away he tried to continue the business on just cleaning and patching for the town but after a couple of months and many problems the business was taken by the town council and rented out to a new blacksmith with his own apprentice.

Harad continue to struggle on doing odd jobs around the town for a while until a seasoned traveller approached and hired him for some ‘heavy hitting’ and he became a bandit. He stayed with the bandit group for the best part of a year extorting travellers and small farmsteads for money and food until there was a change of leadership and the new boss decided a more proactive approach to banditry would be undertaken. It was on his first mission under the new bosses brother when the proactive approach became obvious when the bandits were ordered to kill without warning the guards and civilians in the wagon train.

Harad as slow as he is tried to convince the younger brother that this wasn’t needed to get what they wanted and it came to blows and Harad ended up killing the brother and two of the other bandits before the rest fled back to the bandit boss. He was wounded and stumbled down to the oblivous wagoners yelling to flee from the bandits. They did so but taking him with them and caring for him. Now that he has made it into town with the wagoners he has now decided to look for more honest work.


He doesn’t really have any goals in life, and though he tries to live by the morals that his dwarven master taught him from an early age he often doesn’t connect them too well to the real world.

He is not very intelligent but is not foolhardy or stupid, he will mull over a problem or a choice for ages before making a decision. He is rather gullible but generally knows right from wrong, even if he has to learn it the hard way.

In combat he’ll either focus on the biggest threat or if someone comes under threat first he’ll instead focus on protecting that person. He’s not good at switching strategies mid battle but can follow a battle plan if it’s laid out in advance.


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