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How is this going to work?

First off, go to the home page and read as much of the background, in Wiki format, as you feel you need to. This is not a necessity.

Second – Keep up with the Character Notes page if you care about what the party is doing.

Third – Read the latest in the Adventure Log and go into comments and place your comment. When the action is closed I will post a last comment and make a new DM message.

Creating a character

To create a new character use DnD 4E rules 22 point buy system. You may have as many characters as you like (within reason) but you may only play one at a time.

All characters are human!

Some other races will be playable in the near future (once the initial characters hit 3rd level); they will be dwarves, halflings (both sub races to humans), elves (Atlanians), and half orcs.

Here is the character sheet I prefer (if you’re going to use one instead of a list of powers). Character sheets

Playing the game

Go to the comments section. Read the last section by the GM and the actions of your party members. Then type in (in blog fashion) what your actions are.

Bad Actions are too simple or require input;
Example bad actions;
# I charge.
# I try to bluff and see how he reacts.

Good Actions are open ended.
Example good actions;
# I charge scream “death to all of you!” giving me +1 to hit. I use my ‘at will power’ and my ‘once per encounter’ power immediately then at all at will powers as in my character sheet. If I get below 50% health and the Morlock is above 25% I will use my ‘once per day’ power.
# I say to the man; “Look sir, I have a powerful party here and we will get that information.” (trying to intimidate +6 charisma check). If he backs down I relax and accept the information. If he doesn’t, I set for charge.

Also, the more role playing the better. Try to give your characters some personality.

Feel free to use the Wiki links to make it easier on everyone to follow. I will try to keep up with NPCs to link to and you can link to yourself too.

Lastly, only half your treasure is in gold. The other half is in reputation.
If you’re a user of magic check out the magic system.
If you’re a divine player check out the elementals page.

Main Page

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