Around the hedge to get the leaders

Pulling back slightly to regroup and assess the situation has allowed Harad to heal and Drilleen to rethink trying to burn down the hedges in an area where the dry underbrush has not been cleared away like in the partially constructed defenses.

The four adventurers thus make the entire 50 foot trek around the plantings to see the rest of the open area. The area, which has not been clear has been trampled over for what appears to be weeks. This seems odd to you as this means the grobbems were there before Awcon even existed. Why would grobbems be setting up where there was no steady source of food?

There is a trail of grobbem blood from the hedges to the other side of the rock. It does not take an expert in geological formations to see that this is a cave and invariably where the grobbems went. In all probability this is the lair you were to seek out.

With Harad leading the way, you make your way cautiously around the rock and see a large opening; large enough for two men to enter side by side. Sunlight penetrates a good six or so feet into the cave and you can see that it drops quickly and widens into a large area. The trail of grobbem blood goes into the cave.

What will the four adventurers do?

Continue planning in the Grobbem battle forum and then post comments here when ready.


I setup a forum “Around the hedge…” for us to talk about how we will proceed.


Grombard moves toward the mouth of the cave and notices that the logs above the mouth of the cave do not seem natural.

The blood path does move into the cave, but a successful tracking check shows a recent scramble up the rock.

You can head towards the cave or follow up the rock or do something else.

Sorry I did not put this in the last post, I did not finish this part of the encounter until recently. I’ll normally be more than a post ahead to keep from posting these short comments.


We proceed up the rock. (DM – I’m getting bored, move this along faster. We kill, we see a city, we get back and claim our reward and we talk about where we want to go next.)


The four of you easily kill the member in top and enter the cave.

In one corner of the cave is a group of what appears to be young grobbems in the corner. (Very young). In the back of the cave is a lare stash of armor and weapons. They appear to have been thrust aside showing an opening to a hole. The leader grobbem is now where to be seen.

The armor appears to be of many shapes and saizes most of them human. Some bear the marks of morlocks and some bear the marks of the Atlina kingdon. There is plate, chain, hide and leather.

The hole the grobbem went down into looks to have been blocked on purpose by the armor and weapons and just recently thrust aside. The hole is nearly 10’ high and 6’ wide when you investigate it.

At this point you have found the grobbem camp, killed twenty of them, and escorted the lumberjacks safely.

I need a group choice before the next post. You can either venture into the cave or head back to to the Awcon refuge. Either way I need to know what you do with the grobbem young, what you do about the armor and weapon stash, and what you do about the hole.

Use the forum to discuss this. If you head back to camp – you can be there without incident. (It’s a guarded road now and you’re less than an hour away from the road.)


I’m closing this now and posting the next comment in Awcon.


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