Back in Awcon

Back in Awcon, you are collecting your rewards and telling Gahlon of the cave. He thanks you for your duty and let’s you know the cave will be blocked until there is time to go into it. The armor and weapons will be needed by the refuge.

Of course you can keep the items you liberated which will help you continue the fight. You also should update your provisions and collect your reward.

He then hands you a copy of a letter, “The four of you deserve my full honesty. I will show you the letter and let you make your own decisions.” He sighs, the camp all knows of this and that is why the hush around the camp is palpable. People may be preparing to leave. He looks at each of you, “I do hope you continue to fight for what is right, but we each make our own decision. You do not need to report to me when you leave.” He pauses and looks at you again. “You have brought hope to the refuge and that we are thankful, but I do understand that free amnesty weighed against a 1000 gold price on your head is very heavy. You make your own choice.

- The letter
I write you to tell you of more problems. I wish that I could bring good news, but alas it is not in the cards for us. As you know, we face two problems. We have the issue of Justin taken over the leadership of Valdinville and subsequently allying Valdinville with the Atlina Kingdom. We also have the issue of the Atlina kingdom bearing down on us to eradicate us from the world.

My son, Cheyne, has been dispatched with a contingent of Atlannians in the south peninsula to work with the Morlocks and continue bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict. This should help us keep Justin and Valdinville at bay.

Here at the Atlannian colony, the Atlina kingdom has become more aggressive in preventing them from getting a trading colony on the continent. They are especially upset the Atlannians rebutted the offer of the protection of the Atlina kingdom and said they supported the establishment of Awcon.

The Atlina Kingdom has offered a reward for the head of every killed Atlannian of 1000 gold pieces and 1000 gold pieces of every person who supports the Atlannian people. This includes everyone associated with Awcon.

You must warn everyone in Awcon and give them the choice to leave or not. The people of the Atlina kingdom measure in the hundreds of thousands where as we number in the hundreds. Especially warn the people that you are sending to me. The four brave adventurers you spoke of. They must know they are walking into an area where they will be recognized as easy money for every opportunist in the area.

If they do decide to come to the colony, tell them that Atlina Kingdom seers will know their faces have put out signs ahead of time for them. 1000 gold upon the head of each adventurer may dissuade them from coming. However we do need them and we need them to seek out and turn away the hired brigands who are harassing the traders of the area. We also need them for one specific task I do not want to write about.

The Atlina kingdom has offered a one year amnesty for everyone who swears fealty to them and joins the army. All we can offer is a promise of freedom, a sense of right, and refuges which are occasionally safe from attack. Well, we can also offer the vision of my dream. I dreamt again of the people living in Awcon alongside the Atlannians standing on top of a red eagle. The eagle was dead and it was the eagle of the Atlina Kingdom.

Your Friend,



“OH COOL! You know your doing good work when someone puts a price on your head. Let’s rest up, restock, get our new gear setup and then travel to Atlannian colony to see what Mikhel needs.” said Drilleen as she smiles broadly at Harad and Vale. “Hey, has anyone seen Grombard?” asks Drilleen. (She looks around expectantly.)

Back in Awcon

Vale speaks after a moment’s thought.

“Unless our identities are compromised we should be able to get there without much incident. We may need a cover story. And more than a little discretion.”

Vale is otherwise committed to the group and helping out, any social interactions he is happy to take point on.

Back in Awcon

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