Continuation to the Lair

Blood courses through everyone’s veins. This is it; the Grobbems are running to safety and everyone realizes what this news means. It means they must have a lair; a place they consider safe. The ranger shoots and thinks he may have hit, but the bolt and Grobbems disappeared in the underbrush before the bolt connected. Grombard moves forward. Harad is elated that everyone agrees that it is time to spill some blood of these horrible creatures that only seek to do harm. He follows.

Grombard is the fastest through this heavy underbrush (see comments for map) and calls out, “It wasn’t a complete hit, but one of them is bleeding. Anyone could follow this trail.” He waits for Harad, Vale, and Drilleen to come up and then takes off after the trail. Movement is slow. The Grobbems easily out pace the four adventurers, but the grobbems are in a panic and one of them is bleeding.

Vale and Drilleen watch the time and are careful they are not going to be out after dark. Harad and Grombard hold up their hands. The wounded grobbem you assume is dead with a multitude of arrow size spears in it. A couple of more cautious steps and you see the second grobbem dead of these same things. Apparently, the area of safety these two thought they had only applies if you follow basic rules like not leading attackers here – but that makes no sense; Grobbems do not act like that.

The ranger sneaks forward and sees that there is a clearing that is better lit ahead. He comes back to report;

“There are grobbems ahead. They do appear to be ready. I’d bet my blade there is a lair here.”

Harad interrupts, “They’ve only had minutes to prepare for us. Let’s not give them a full night to prepare.”

You have more than an hour of light left. Some things you figure out; There is no way the party can sneak in with Harad in a position to fight in the first round. Grombard is certain you are being watched already, he just cannot pinpoint where.

Everyone uses their best perception and sees nothing. Grombard notes there is strange sounds coming from the area. Drilleen listens and here’s the sound of a large cave, the sounds are that of wind coming from a large underground area.

Truly, this is what separates adventurers from the city guard. This is the test to see if you have what it takes to charge into a defended unknown with a large underground cavern as your only reward. Sensible people would shy away and raise vegetables on a farm.

Who are you and what will you do?


Vale looks over at Drilleen, “They’re gonna try and take us out first, stay close and hit as many of them as you can. We need to look strong.”

Nodding to Harad, “I’ll pick off who I can, but you need to keep me clear.”

Vale begins muttering to himself and flexing his hands, anyone who can see flows begin to see colors swarm around his hands and eyes. The flows that Vale is manipulating seem much murkier than the girl’s from earlier.

Continuation to the Lair

Drilleen looks at the others and says “Okay, this is it. We only need to get in close enough to make sure this is a base of operations, and get a look at their defenses for Gahlon. I’m sure they will not want us leaving alive with that kind on information by the looks of the dead grobbems back there. Stay fairly close and be prepaid to fight a retreating defense. We don’t want to be here too long and lose our light. Fighting in retreat in the dark would be really bad idea. I have a feeling once this fight starts, we won’t have any problem killing the remaining grobbems Gahlon wanted between here and the lumber camp. Now… lets kick some grobbem ass.”

Continuation to the Lair

Harad grins, “Dark doesn’t worry me, I’ve got a sunrod, I can keep fighting for a few hours with that thing going, give the word and I’ll go in first and you guys hang back and pick off the ones I don’t get to. If you get in trouble just yell and I’ll pull em away from you”

Continuation to the Lair

Harad leads the way into the clearing. Reference for the closeup of the initial battle ND for the larger scene.

The reddish hedges behind the grobbems looks to be cultivated. IE it appears they were removed from the ground and replanted like that. Those branches the grobbems are hiding behind are makeshift defenses. It is affording them 25-50% cover from distance attacks and will be considered difficult ground to cross (half movement speed). You are 12 movement hexes away (just out of most range attacks and all Grobbem range attacks).

I will start a forum called big Grobbem battle for any discussions before the battle begins.

Continuation to the Lair

Harad starts his charge followed by Grombard. Vale and Drilleen move in behind in order to use distance attacks upon these foul creatures.

Harad makes it to the defenses and jumps into them while subjecting himself to a storm of attacks. Wooden spears like arrows bounce around him and deflect off of his armor. One connects he cannot tell which of the multitude. It is obvious they are not dividing up their attacks and all concentrating upon Harad. Harad Cleaves the first and one strikes it dead.

Two Grobbems stand out. One is completely ineffectual as it utters something gutteral. The other blasts Harad with Fire. Everyone saw who this one was.

Spiteful Glamour, Magic Missile, and Lead the attack with bolts all connect. The Grobbem is bloodied but is not dissuaded from his single minded purpose.

Harad cleaves a second and again it goes down in a single hit. Grombard shouts out, “there is no visual evidence of differences in Grobbems except by actions!” He continues to take down the mage with Vale and Drilleen after the mage gets a magic missile into Harad. The mage Grobbem is dead. The one standing Grobbem utters something else gutteral and all of the other grobbems drop thier weapons and leap upon Harad with body, claws, and bites. Only one connects. Only Harad can tell which one such is the mass of green upon him.

Harad is bore to the ground by losing his footing with 10 Grobbems upon him. The one standing grobbem is apparently completely ineffectual.

--- Pausing combat ---—-

Harad is bloodied (barely) and prone. He is on the side of the defenses with the Grobbems and mostly out of site except for flailing. The only Grobbem you have a shot at is the one standing and apparently issuing commands and otherwise being ineffectual.


Continuation to the Lair

Vale is going to yell out to Drilleen to “take out as many as you can” and then picking off any he can get a clear shot on with Eldrict Blast. He’s also a cursing and teleporting machine to try and get closer to to useless grobbem that’s not doing anything with Dreadful word.

Continuation to the Lair

Harad yells from under the pileup as he attempts to regain his footing, “They like a pack of rats, blast the lot of them and I’ll clean up the stragglers!”

Continuation to the Lair

Drilleen yells back, “Well I could, but I may kill you guys too since you are in my blast zone”. Let me try to make them go unconscious first”! Drilleen shifts 1 hex forward and cast Sleep (+4 vs. Will) which is a 2hex squire burst up to 20 hex from my location. My 2×2 spell hex should enclose all of them. On hit or miss all are slowed. If missed, a second save in needed to end slow, if hit and fail the save, they go unconscious and will stay unconscious until they make a save, then they are slowed until they make another save. So first round is a hit check (+4) and save check vs. Will for each creature in burst. The next save comes at the end of their turn. Slowed creatures have a movement of 2, unconscious creatures take -5 to all defenses.

Continuation to the Lair

Harad makes it to his feet and yells, “Get this one,” as he cleaves and hits the grobbem for a third time and kills one of the sleeping grobbems outright. The leader is with an eldritch blast and is able to duck out of bolts and save versus sleep. He then decides along with the grobbem that Harad pointed out that discretion is the better part of valor. Especially seeing how every other Grobbem is asleep.

The leader jumps into the planted thicket as does the one harad does who shifted one spot and leaped into the thicket. (Remember the thicket has been cultivated by the Grobbems, you’ll have to make the 30’ trip around).

Cleaning up the sleeping Grobbems will be easy as these are all minions and only take 1 hit each.

Harad is at 7 hit points and unless someone wants to go through the thicket or try an attack through 100% cover; I’m assuming you are going to pull back for a healing surge or two.

You had killed 6/20 prior to this fight and there were 15 here (except 2 escaped meaning you got 13 of them). You are at 19/20 Grobbems, but one is nearly as bloodied. Plus you haven’t fully verified this area as a base of operations.

Unless you have alternate ideas, I’m assuming you are going to pull back for a short rest, healing surges, and planning. Post here if you want to try and continue the battle, post in the big grobbem battle if this is acceptable.

Continuation to the Lair

This section is closed. Next part of the battle will be a new post.

Continuation to the Lair

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