It's on fire!

“I think the army men will never leave. The men with red eagles have been here before, but they never killed anyone; ‘specially Granpa,” whispered Grundie.
“Hush,” said Sharell. “It could be worse.”
“How,” said Grundie. “Look Granpa is dead. Daddy has a rope around his neck and two army guys next him. Cousin Methh and Daryl have both been hit with swords.”
Sharell looked at Grundie and tried to be confident, but the barn and the granary were on fire. Her uncle had made sure it grew every year before they added a new pig or horse; the granary always grew. But when the granary caught on fire he only looked at the girls and moms held by the well. He just looked worried about us.
The roof of the barn collapsed. Heat scalded the rocks and the guard holding baby Gem over the well almost lost control of the screaming baby. Mother tried to get up but she was smacked down by the second guard and the first one threatened to drop Gem into the well if she didn’t sit back down.
“We have plans for you that will let you and the baby live if you cooperate,” he said and then looked at everyone with an evil glare.
Army men had been here before and stolen things, but never like this. They did not even ask for anything. They ransacked the house and asked to see some type of tax record. When Granpa said he had no idea who Atlina was, he was run through with a sword and then everything started to go bad.
Daddy and the boys might have run off the army men, but they had a new person with them. Instead of a red eagle painted on their chests, this one wore all metal and it had beautiful red eagles all over it and had a sword bigger than even he was. He road a horse and even the army men did not look right at him.
The last horse to make it out of the barn died, Princess; it was my horse. I got the horse when I turned thirteen. Daddy said I could ride off to go find a husband to bring back to the farm and raise a family with every here. Princess fell right over in the cornfields. I watched her struggle on her legs and scream as she tried to bite the fire. I heard the army guards laugh and tried not to cry. But I felt the tears and looked up and saw more army people coming. They were dressed differently but I knew they were army people they all work bright white and blue stuff. They were too far away to know if they were evil too; I don’t dare to hope otherwise.


The party creeps into the field and observes a dozen armed men wearing Atlinnian armor around the farm. Drilleen begins to lay out a plan to lure the men into the field, but at the first mention of a distraction, Harad screams “Leroy Jenkinnnsssss” and rushes directly at the 3 armed soldiers. Harad cleaves mighty blows and screams like a mad man, even charging through the first 3 and heading to the middle farm to confront the other armed men before turning toward the leader in the Northeast. Drilleen kicks dirt over the diagram scribbled into the dirt, observes the chaos, and prepares to attack the men left behind guarding the prisoners while everyone else chases the mad man who is now screaming “For Awcon, For Awcon” and heading for their leader.

Once anyone chasing Harad has moved away, Drilleen will come out firing a Magic Missle (R20) at the foe that is farthest away and not chasing Harad (not the one holding the baby either). Then stop to draw the others closer (like taunt them with “hey, are you going to nurse that baby bitch or come and fight”. Then when they close for melee cast Thunderwave (C3) followed by Burning Hands (C5) if I have most of them in range. (It is okay if I need to use an Action Point, just remember, I get a +3 to hit, and as a minor action I can get another +3 to hit using my “Wand of Accuracy”. Saving the sleep spell and the armor spell for the larger battle. If all goes well, she will be able to rescue the prisoners quickly without losing any and rush over to help Harad. Then whatever Vale and Grombard can do would be appreciated, but they may not close on Drilleen if they see backup, so keep them in reserve until round 2. During round 1 Vale should move in position to aid Harad and Grombard should hold back and wait for them to close on me. Then on round 2, Vale can backup Harad, and Grombard can rush in and help me save the farm folk.

It's on fire!

The party charges. Initially, the bandits look to run, but the leader (the only one on horseback) shouts orders to counteract Drilleens.

The first two charge Harad and Grombard and three more look to close on him next round. Grombard Twinstrikes the primary target of the cleave of Harad. One of the targets is bloodied. They both miss Harad. Three more charge towards Vale and Drilleen. They are hit with Magic Missile and Eldritch Blast and will be in Melee next round. One of the three is bloodied.

The other four are coming in but in preparation to move wherever they are needed. (They could not make it there next round anyway.)

The leader is still on horseback and doing nothing but observing. (He is more than 30 squares away).

The women take the babies and the wounded boys over to the tree and rescue the father. They will be (judging from your views from that far away) tend to the wounded boys wounds and free the father over the next few rounds. They are also over 30 squares away. They are being ignored.

The next round. Harad and Grombard strike again with Cleave and twin strike. They focus on one (though cleave is hitting both) and one of them is severely damaged. There are five in the fray now. Harad is hit twice. The second hit was a strong hit that tears into his new scale mail by the lower quality swords the men are carrying. The men seem like run of the mill bandits.

Vale teleports away from the attack as Drilleen retreats as they blast again. (They both avoided melee this round). They drop one of the three bandits chasing with Eldritch blasts and magi missile.

The leader still a distance and on horseback shouts four the other four to try to encircle the mages.

-DM Note

(I did not use action points, encounter or dailies yet). Two live people will be in melee with Drilleen next round (unless she does something) Vale teleports around and can avoid it. four others are charging to try and flank the two mages.

Harad and Grombard have five people on them now. One looks to retreat and another is partially wounded.

The farm people seem as safe as they can be for the time being. The leader of the bandits seems more intent upon watching the battle and ensuring it is a good one than winning.

It's on fire!

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