To the colony and onto Chapter 1

An autumn wind stirred from the sea and fought its way through the rocks and cliffs until it reached land and spread its crisp salt aroma over the planned cornfields. The winds swirled around the refuge called Awcon. It gathered leaves and the scraps of grass from brick casings on the ground then swirled them high into the air near the edges of the swamp where they dared not enter. The people of Awcon entered the moleb swamp but the animals and plants of the area had longer memories; they stayed away.
The people of Awcon had been hoping for a Cheracc summer where the heat of summer stayed into fall and lengthened the growing season. This year, it seemed the wind portended an early winter – one that threatened to be harsh and unrelenting. The people of Awcon had little choice in life. Branded as criminals by the larger kingdoms, the best hope was their faith in this refuge and its leaders. It’s leaders best hope lay in the hands of a small group of adventurers who spat in the face of the Atlina Kingdom by wearing armor of the defeated Cheracc nation and arming themselves against any threat made by those who considered themselves lawmakers in Moleb though they lived far away and had no rightful claim to the land.
The Cheracc guardians as an amused Gahlon had begun referring to them after seeing them decked out resplendently in their new armor had begun a trip to the other illegal zone in Moleb The new Atlannian colony. They followed the new crystal path north halfway to where the path split and turned right. They traveled four more hours until the path stopped. Without so much as a hint of hesitation the stepped into the swaying grass and headed due east towards the ocean and the upstart colony.
The end of the first day in this uncharted land they were looking for a somewhat defensible area to make a camp. Without hills or woods in these grasslands they were going to make a camp where they stood until they heard a loud scream in the distance and saw flames. The height of the flames and the distance appeared to be an hour from them and it must be a large wooden item made by man to have created such a flame. Is it an undocumented town, a farmhouse, a plantation, or a monastery? Could it be something else? What would the Cheracc Guardians choose to do?


DM Note – I am trying to be more descriptive for the main entries now especially since we have a forum. Let me know what you think of it. Oh yeh, you guys are the Cheracc Guardians. :)


Drilleen spins on her toes toward the scream and attempts to keep pace with Harad’s rapid march. She recalls a time that she would have hesitated moving off a trail while wearing something so white as her new armor, but she remembers she has a cantrip that will keep it clean so she picks up her pace, grins, and prepares a magic missle.

To the colony and onto Chapter 1

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To the colony and onto Chapter 1

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